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MasFX Dance

Carnival dance fusion performance collective

Our Story

MasFX Dance began in 2020 to cultivate spaces and performances that embrace the intersections of cultural arts in the African Diaspora through the performance and celebration of Carnival. The founder, Ezra Myles, sought to create an emphasis on the celebration and representation of Caribbean culture in the Bay-Area Carnival community, and to also empower and inspire individuals who don't have formal dance training to find their joy and passion for movement.


The name "MasFX" represents the fusion of two concepts in performing arts and entertainment: “playin’ mas’”, the Trinidadian expression for participating in the annual Carnival festival, and ‘FX’, industry shorthand for audio and visual, special effects. Through playin’ mas, we transform ourselves to embody a deep, pure, and passionate emotional connection to the African Diasporic experience. We dance to bring the exuberant joy and magic of Carnival everywhere we go, whether it’s a school assembly, a street festival, or a major stage production.


However, no performance can truly connect with our audience without a clear, comprehensive understanding of how to craft and design an enriching experience. This requires a diverse team of technicians and craftspeople who help plan, stage and execute these events.


With MasFX, we encourage our artists, audience, and community to think, collaborate, and create art with a healthy body, a technical mind, and a joyful spirit.

 The MasFX Dance Approach is three-fold:

CLASS INSTRUCTION: We teach movements & history during open classes to expose you to the music and dances of Brazilian, Caribbean, and African American Carnival celebrations 


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: We attend events & performances to build a strong social network and support system for artists and dance-enthusiasts interested in Carnival culture 


CULTURAL IMMERSION: We curate performances and participate in Carnival festivals to deepen our connection to the rituals and the experience of playing mas.

Performance Videos

MasFX Dance
Bunji Garlin - Carnival Contract | Donadoni Cover
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2023 MasFX Oakland Carnival Performance
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MasFX Dance Teaser
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MasFX Dance | Carnival Fusion Dance
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