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MylesBeyond Entertainment is a Black-owned multimedia production agency committed to helping small businesses and community organizations imagine, plan, and execute artfully designed, highly entertaining, and authentically impactful experiences.


We curate and produce immersive experiences, create content and connect communities through the lens of Afro-Diasporic visual and performing arts entertainment.


Our aim is to enrich and diversify the events and entertainment field by providing high-quality professional support as both the talent onstage and the team behind the scenes.




We are artists ourselves, and so we plan events with a deep understanding of what the talent needs, what the client wants, and what the audience feels in order to make an experience spectacular. 


Most importantly, we are intentional about building equity and empowerment through our work. We are not simply professionals guiding you towards your vision of an amazing experience, we are also educators, sharing knowledge within our community and paving the way for the next generation of dynamic young creative innovators to develop the skills and knowledge to sustainably expand the events industry and their world.


Our approach is unique because we believe that JOY is essential to every event, media, and entertainment offering that we provide. We know that even a flawlessly executed event can be stressful, and so it's essential to have strong, collaborative, creative leadership guiding the production process. 


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We're not just the talent. We're the visionaries helping first-time event planners, and even established industry veterans, innovate their event offerings and build tools to make the planning process sustainable. 

Through our Carnival Arts & Performance Education, we offer Caribbean and Brazilian fusion dance classes to immerse our community in Carnival culture and connect with the performing arts. 

Through MasFX Dance, we provide Carnival Dance Fusion entertainment to delight your audience and get them moving to the music of Carnival! 

Through Visionary Vanguard Productions, we bring both the talent and the technical resources to plan and execute your event by providing comprehensive planning tools, vendor coordination, budgeting, graphic design, social media marketing, video production, video editing, audio-visual event support, and post-production distribution. 

Click here to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation today!

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