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MylesBeyond Entertainment is a Black-owned multimedia production agency committed to helping small businesses and non-profits imagine, plan and execute engaging live and virtual events. We curate experiences, create content and connect communities through the lens of Afro-Diasporic visual and performing arts entertainment.  

Our product and our platform is unique because our team combines exacting and thorough planning behind the scenes with the dynamic and exuberant energy of your favorite performers. We are artists ourselves, and so we plan events with a deep understanding of what the talent needs, what the client wants, and what the audience feels in order to make an event spectacular. 


Most importantly, we are intentional about building equity and empowerment through our work. We are not simply professionals guiding you towards your vision of an amazing experience, we are also  educators, sharing knowledge within our community and paving the way for the next generation of dynamic young creative innovators to develop the skills and knowledge to sustainably expand the events industry and their world.

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