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Carnival Arts &
Performance Education

Cultural arts integration & Empowerment for Community

Our Story

CARNIVAL ARTS & PERFORMANCE EDUCATION (CAPEs) provides edutainment and enrichment services for K-12 youth and community focused organizations across the Bay Area. The program incorporates a number of disciplines and frameworks to teach Carnival as Cultural Performance and The Jouvay Popular Theatre Process (JPTP), both of which were developed by one of Ezra's mentors, the late Trinidadian playwright, Tony Hall. These frameworks aim to not only teach through play but to show that the act of the Carnival masquerade can also act as a vehicle for conflict resolution, improved health and wellness, and community transformation. ​​​

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Our Offerings


Carnival as Cultural Performance
Youth Assembly

Program Length: ~ 30 min - 1.5 Hrs

Students learn about different cultures across the African Diaspora through music, dance, performances, and interactive learning. Thematic offerings include, but are not limited to: ​​

  • Exploring  the Joy of Movement through Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

  • From Bahia to the Bay - Cross-Cultural Connections through Brazilian Samba

  • Bring the Beat, Break the Stage - Black American Stepping 

  • Funk, Footwork & Freedom - Hip-Hop as a Youth-Centered Movement 


"Carnival Cross Fete"

Corporate Wellness Program

Program Length: ~ 45 min - 1 Hr

Give your team a break and let them break a sweat while dancing to some of the hottest jams from Carnivals worldwide! Whether it's a one-off workshop, or series of offerings, this class leaves everyone refreshed and invigorated!


MasFX Dance Intensive

Artist Residency Program

Program Length: ~ 6 wks - 12 wks*

MasFX Dance is a host to a number of professionally trained dancers and choreographers across a broad spectrum of dance disciplines. Broaden your dance students' horizons by hosting a MasFX Dance Artist to teach intensive dance technique and choreography for a school production or performance.

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