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Carnaval San Francisco crowns its new King and Queen!

Carnaval San Francisco

Apr 3, 2023

Meet King Ezra Bristow & Queen Mayela Carrasco

King Ezra (Myles) Bristow

Ezra Myles is a Multidisciplinary Artist, Arts Educator and Event Producer based in Oakland, CA. Much like his birthplace of Newark, NJ, Ezra creates and curates art experiences that bridge the gap between the shared cultural legacies of the African Diaspora. Click here to read his full bio.

Queen Mayela Carrasco

Mayela Carrasco was born on Carnaval weekend in 1995, the daughter of Karla Castillo and Jose Carrasco, founders of Loco Bloco. Immersed in a lively and adventurous community of youth and adult artists of color, Mayela absorbed the language of dance, music and resistance. Click here to read her full bio.

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